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Tell someone you care this Christmas


You can raise awareness of the NBS cuts and the campaign against the closures and job cuts by forwarding this picture as a greeting card to your friends and contacts.

Here is a suggested blurb to go alongside it:-

You can help support the Save Our National Blood Service campaign by sending this image, as a ‘greeting card’ to your friends and contacts as a [eg facebook] Christmas message.

The national blood service (NBS) is threatened with over 600 job cuts that will put patients lives at risk across England.

The blood service filters, processes and ensures the safety of blood and blood products. NBS supplies hospitals with vital, lifesaving blood through a regional network of over a dozen blood processing centres.

Plans by the bosses in the NBS however involve massive cuts to the service, and will reduce the number of NBS facilities to just three across the whole country. The restructuring has already led to shortages in the supply of blood to hospitals, and as the cuts start to bite they will threaten patients lives.

You can help save lives this Christmas by alerting others to these plans, and helping to build a groundswell of support for the campaign to save the NBS. Forward this message on and let others know what is happening.

Do something amazing – help save the blood service!



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